I want to apply for Assassin.

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I want to apply for Assassin. Empty I want to apply for Assassin.

Post by Trenched on Sun Oct 27, 2013 4:05 pm

NPlay Profile: http://www.nplay.com/profile/Trenched
Best Gun: MP5
Worst Gun: Shotgun
Favorite Map: Courtyard, Warehouse
Worst Map: Tower
Clan History: I was in R.T.D on a different profile until it got deleted. Do not ask why, because I don't know. My name was Ready2DefendAlt, and the next thing I know, i can't log onto him. So, I made this one.
How long have you been playing?: 2 years, and 3 months on multiple accounts. I'm keeping this one.
How long do you play everyday?: 3-4 hours almost everyday. I do get on everyday, just sometimes not as long.
Will you be active?: Yes.
{OPTIONAL} Anything else you would like to share?: Yes. I think you'll enjoy having me. I'm loyal, respectful, responsible, and one hell of a good shooter. c:


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